5 steps to a beneficial relationship with your doctor and MS nurse

Follow this quick five-step plan from Health Psychology Specialist Clare Moloney to help you build a better relationship with your doctor and MS nurse, and to help make the most of their expertise.

  1. Be prepared!
    Prepare well for appointments and be informed about your condition and treatment. Take an active role in the management of your condition, so that you become a partner in your treatment rather than just a passive patient.
  2. Stay positive!
    Approach appointments with an upbeat attitude, have the confidence to ask questions and take ownership of your treatment.
  3. Ask questions
    In order to be as informed as possible, you’ll probably need to ask questions, so that you can fill in any gaps in your knowledge. If asking questions isn’t your strong point, see our tips and advice to help get you started.
  4. Ask family and friends for support
    Take a friend/family member to appointments – not only will they be able to offer moral support, but they can also help take notes for you to refer to later, and even ask any questions you may not have thought of yourself.
  5. Finally, always remember that your doctor and MS nurse are on your side
    You are an equal partner in the relationship – your treatment is a team effort, and your doctor and MS nurse want what’s best for you.